Dinosaurs Across America

Dinosaurs Across America - Seventh Printing

The Aloha Express teams up Patrick Rabbit and Theo the Dinosaur and friends in a very solid story about US History & Geography that appeals to all ages. Yeh uses humor to get across important facts and was so successful that this issue was reprinted 7 times under the title Dinosaurs Across America and published as an interactive CD-ROM by Panasonic! More than 170,000 copies of this book have been sold to all ages.

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Dinosaurs Across America - 8th Printing

The Cleveland Issue

This is the 8th printing of Dinosaurs Across America, our bestselling comic of all time, with more than 170,000 copies sold! This latest edition includes a very special, new story, created just for this 8th edition. It ties in with a new exhibit of Phil's original oil paintings from his classic Theo the Dinosaur book at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History from April to August 2006. Guest artists include: Lieve Jerger, Jon J. Murakami, Klaus Leven, Geoff Bevington, Brenda and Keith Murphy, He Shuxin, and German Orozco!

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Dinosaurs Across Route 66

Dinosaurs Across ROUTE 66 - First Printing

This is the fun way to learn U.S. History and Geography!
Dinosaurs Across Route 66 takes Patrick Rabbit on a fun adventure along old Route 66 from Chicago to California. Route 66 is called the Mother Road of America, and the Will Rogers Highway. It was made famous in song and in a tv show with the same name. The famous old highway influenced an entire generation of writers, film makers, actors, musicians and artists all over the world. This book touches on some of the best in a funny story for all ages.
This 32 page comic guest stars Brenda and Keith Murphy, Joey & Gonz by Klaus Leven , Steve the Dog by Geoff Bevington, the Dragons of Hawaii by Jon J. Murakami and Emily by He Shuxin of Singapore.

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Dinosaurs Across California No. 1.

Dinosaurs Across California continues Phil Yeh's popular Dinosaurs Across America series with a wonderful tour of the Golden State, highlighting some of the noted people who changed the world in the arts, sports, science and other fields. In spite of his attitude, Patrick learns more than he expected on his tour of the California Missions. Some of the people mentioned in this fun book are Star Wars creator George Lucas, legendary writer Ray Bradbury, Grammy award winning musician Carlos Santana, Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz, astronaut Ellen Ochoa, comic book artist and the co-creator of Iron Man Jack Kirby, martial artist Bruce Lee, artist/author Flavia, Grammy winner Patrice Rushen, Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, golfer Tiger Woods, and many others who made their mark in this state. This book is designed to inspire students, especially from elementary to college level. Like all classic comic strips and cartoons, it is
truly for ALL AGES. Did we forget to mention it is FUNNY too?
You do not need to live in the state of California to understand or benefit from this book. 32 black and white pages, softcover.

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Dinosaurs Across New York No. 1 Preview Edition.

Dinosaurs Across New York- Preview Edition continues Phil Yeh's popular Dinosaurs Across America series with a wonderful tour of New York State. Dinosaurs Across New York will be 48 black and white pages with full color covers in November 2009.

A special 16 page advance preview edition of Dinosaurs Across New York was published May 2009 and is available now $2.00 per copy. This preview edition debuted on May 27, 2009, at our mural event at Hotel Penn across from Madison Square Garden in New York City.
This new book in the popular Dinosaurs Across Series celebrates noted people in the state of New York and is the the fourth book in our Dinosaurs Across series with more than 200,000 books sold to date.
Dinosaurs Across America - The Cleveland edition, Dinosaurs Across Route 66, Dinosaurs Across California. Click the cover to see sample pages in full color.

16 page Preview Edition $5.00

Dinosaurs Across The Midwest.

Dinosaurs Across The Midwest will be released in Spring 2010.
32 black and white interior pages, with full color covers.
Price $3.95 Click the cover to enlarge.

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